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How we made Buxton Manor even better!

By Will Twiss

We acquired Buxton Manor in 1989 and the property had been previously owned by elderly owners who had carried out little maintenance.

Even before its deprivation in the late 1970's there was a number of improvements for us to make. We came in with the philosophy of improving the property to make it even better than it was originally.

The Mansion was devout of any greenery and was surrounded by extensive gravel. This was the biggest task and we extensively remodelled the gardens to resemble country side manors in England.

We also removed the front lawn and used a large bulldozer to remove 3 feet of soil to form a amazing Sunken Garden!

We also repainted the whole interior, cleaned the external brick and changed the linings to a natural green.

Paprika Cottage was completely rebuilt and styled into a Paprika Nightclub Theme.

More of the changes are stated below but this was a huge cost to our family to ensure that the building would remain valued highly by later generations!

Buxton Manor 1984 VS 2021

We didn’t just restore Buxton Manor we VASTLY improved it!

  1. Removed gravel exterior and replaced with beautiful lawns, gardens & Trees

  2. Fully rebuilt Paprika Cottage

  3. Full repaint of interior and new style (green) to the exterior

  4. NEW extensive Sunken Garden

  5. Re divided apartments for luxury accommodation

  6. Completely NEW upstairs room in Garden & Loft Apartment Including stairway!

  7. Renovated modern bathrooms

  8. Reinstated classic gates from the Barr Smith Heritage property on Angus Street

Some of the changes are below and we invite you to go on and check out our Buxton Manor Page found at Buxton Manor │ North Adelaide Heritage │ Adelaide Hotels


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