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BBC's 'Bargain Hunt' Tim Wonnacott in South Australia

Updated: May 18, 2018

We've had the pleasure of hosting and getting to know the inimitable Tim Wonnacott whilst he's been in Adelaide. An antiques expert, former Director of London's Sotheby's, frequent guest expert on Antiques Roadshow, and former host of the BBC's Bargain Hunt, Tim has been in South Australia recently shooting a new Aussie antiques TV show.

The series, Antiques Walkabout, will uncover and value ancient treasures and antiques found all around our country - mainly in our state, including at our own heritage properties in South Australia.

The new show, of which a pilot has been filmed, is seeking sponsors, corporate backers, and supporters, in order for the remaining 11 episodes of the first series to be filmed. So far there's been great support from the Lord Mayor of Adelaide Martin Haese (read the Lord Mayor's comments here), and others in our state; and of course from founders of North Adelaide Heritage Group (and antique collectors/heritage property owners), Rodney and Regina Twiss. We're thoroughly excited by this new series, and committed to throwing our support behind the historic project.

It's been our pleasure to host Tim in our Musica Viva Suite at Buxton Manor in North Adelaide:

Rodney and Regina Twiss at left with Tim Wonnacott (right) and friends, in Musica Viva Suite, Buxton Manor

Tim and Rodney at the Australian Tourism Exchange


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Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis

What a shame the UK lost Tim ! One of the best presentators I have seen on TV. A colourful, amusing chap, he had your full attention in what ever he was doing. I do not blame him for moving though. The UK is turning into a dustbin ! The tv programs seem to be more interested in "diversity" these days. The adverts are shouting at you and are confusing, and"reality shows " enable every talentless person to become a "Star". Even the contestants on Bargain hunt are being set ridiculous targets, and encouraged to engage in pretentious behaviour, which makes them look rather stupid. Well I know he will go down well in Oz, and your gain…

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