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Mouth-Watering Breakfast Spots in North Adelaide 🥞🧇☕️

Top 5 by Will Twiss

The Lion Hotel: The Pride of North Adelaide and you can hear it roar across Melbourne Street on the weekends! What will surprise most readers is that they have one of the better breakfasts in town. The iconic location, household name, vibe, coffee and food make us include it on the best breakfast top 5!🦁

UR Cafe: “Lets meet at UR Café!” Indeed their mission statement exemplifies their service! It is number 2 on our list in terms of social atmosphere and might have the BEST breaky rolls. Top this off; its run by a wonderful family too! ☕️

Fare and Square: Location, Location, Location! Perched on the corner of the lovely parkland of Wellington Square, Fair & Square is a relatively new addition to the breaky scene in North Adelaide. They do the fundamentals well and if you like a good BIG breakfast like I do… you’ll be full by the time you finish theirs! 🥓

The Brady Brunch. Do you remember the Brady Bunch!? The newest addition on my list is the new #Instagood kid on the block. We are talking beautiful dishes both sweet and savory and excellent coffee. Tip: try the chocolate waffles and you’ll thank me later! 🍫

The Flying Fig Deli: The Fig might be perhaps the most unique café in Adelaide. Along the lines of the famous Jewish delicatessens their philosophy is simple… they aim to make most of their menu items themselves. It’s a prima facie up-market café for those who appreciate personal service coupled with a little difference; the flying fig cuts the mustard! ✈️☕️


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