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Best Small Bars in Adelaide!

NEED a night out not to big and not to small?

Check out our top 5 small bars of Adelaide!

😍 5: Udaberri Holla amiga/amigo do you like wine and having a good time? I hear there’s even a DJ that plays with vinyls, this place is a big vibe. With an outdoor area, indoor area and even an upstairs area this bar fairs a spot on this list. ✍️

4: Hellbound Wine Bar There’s a highway to Hellbound and I wanna rock and roll. Enter the door walk down the stairs and BAM you’re in a 150 year old (approx.) Adelaide cellar that has been converted into a wine and cocktail bar, the wine list is phenomenal, with big snacks and little snacks not to mention a mystery red or white for $8 if you can’t choose, they choose for you. Birthed out of the Renew Adelaide initiative Hellbound is here to stay. ✅

3: Pink Moon Saloon - Bar and Kitchen a saloon in the wild west where you get drinks and a damsel in distress needs your help, a saloon in the Swedish mountains where you put your legs up and have a drink, the pink moon saloon is not either of those but there is drinks and it kinda looks like a ski lodge in the mountains so it might be in the Swedish mountains but we enter on leigh street in Adelaide (Narnia?). Notable cocktails, bar food, has an outdoor area and an indoor area, and you can make a reservation. 👋

2: Casablanca, no that’s a romantic film, Casablabla that’s a small bar in Adelaide that takes you away kind of like an escape where you sing, dance and drink delicious liquors, find a table and relax with your company or wait till this bar turns into a dancing patty place. Latin music of many kinds, and tasty tapas. 😋

1: Maybe Mae imagine a black wall with a secret door, the door opens, you’re greeted upon arrival they place you in a private booth hand you the menus, it’s all rather exclusive feeling a bit of Frank Sinatra pocket watch kinda vibe. Cocktails are a specialty, so are scotches, look at your date know what type of alcohol you want but not a connoisseur of all the brands… don’t worry just ask they’ll provide you with ample knowledge and let you and the lass or ladette learn together. 🧠

Written by Hamish Roland MacLachlan-Lester & Will Twiss- The Adelaide Set


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